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    CoolEFI "JAGuar" version 0.7-alpha ECU PCB, our signature FOSS engine management PCB. The FOSS project along with all the documentation is located at GitHub. You will need a BDM module such as the CoolEFI USBDM to program the Serial Monitor program onto the microcontroller on the two options with bare PCBs.

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    CoolEFI Sweatshirt Say warm while tuning, cruising or hanging out!

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    CoolEFI Basic ECUversion 0.2-alpha Our signature low price, high value engine management unit. Designed for FreeEMS and LibreEMS. PCB Size: 80mm L x 100mm W x 13mm H Budget Build only has a single 5v power supply, all other options include dual 5v power supplies.

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    CoolEFI short sleeve T-shirt. stay cool while tuning, cruising or hanging out!

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Educational and Automotive Products

Freescale Development Boards And Powertrain Management Components

Our products can be used to teach embedded programming in "C" and/or Assembly languages for robotics or automotive projects.

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